3 Cannes’ Michelin-Starred Restaurants to Tantalize Your Taste Buds

When you’re visiting Cannes anytime of year, it’s a sure bet you can have a glorious meal at some of the world’s top Michelin-starred restaurants. Cannes’ location on the sea means these establishments have the pick of fresh seafood and they also have access to fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the region. Fragrant spices like basil, thyme and rosemary figure in many Mediterranean dishes along with the finest olive oils.

We have highlighted three amazing Cannes’ restaurants (with the number of Michelin stars they have beside their names) making it easier for you to choose where to dine while you’re there for the film festival.

La Palme d’Or **

If we would have to choose one restaurant most closely associated with Cannes, it would have to be La Palme d’Or. Located within the Hotel Martinez on La Croisette, this is one of the most iconic restaurants on the French Riviera. With two Michelin stars, the restaurant attracts many celebrities during the Cannes Film Festival. Here, you will be treated to creative, bold and flavorful cuisine. Chef Christian Sinicropi has brought a new culinary experience to La Palme d’Or with a cube form menu based on movement and the desire to explore new worlds in cuisine. Diners have a choice of four movements: The vegetal movement – a story between artist Steph Cop, ceramicist Catherine Sinicropi and the cooking origins offer three salty and one sweet movements; movement of flavors and fragrances with subtle nuances features four salty and two sweet movements; movement of flavors and fragrances with pronounced nuances also features one salty and two sweet movements; and the immersion of movements with progressive nuances includes seven salty and two sweet movements.

One of the Movement offerings at La Palme d’Or

Villa Archange **

Famous Chef Bruno Oger is the famous chef at Villa Archange. Dining in an 18th century villa sets you up for the delectable offerings from an applauded chef. Wooden floors, original artwork and stylish furniture contribute to the restaurant’s understated elegance. This fine dining establishment – which has two Michelin stars – is well worth a visit during your stay while attending the Cannes Festival 2022.

If you are a real gastronomic aficionado, let yourself be tempted by Oger’s surprise nine-course meal. Or choose to enjoy à la carte dishes such as pan-fried Groix Island abalone with regional artichokes or turbot with celery, shallots and walnuts.After having savored dinner at this fine dining venue, you can have a nightcap at Villa Melody, a sleek, contemporary estate in the prestigious Cannes neighborhood of Californie. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows bathe the interiors in light giving all 7,728 square feet of living space a sense of transparency. There are two pools, one of which is heated, so you have the ideal venue for entertaining. Add to them an outdoor Jacuzzi, a pool bar, BBQ area with a patio and terrace. Have your own Cannes Film Festival party by hosting a cinema night with screenings in the cinema room.

Marinated Tuna with Ginger, Red Quinoa Salad with Sand Carrots: fresh fare at Villa Archange Restaurant

Le Park 45 *

Le Park 45 – located in Le Grand Hotel – is one of the most inventive Michelin-starred restaurants on the Riviera, according to Frommers. Chef Sébastien Broda utilizes locally-sourced seafood and vegetables for his tempting cuisine – from Mediterranean octopus to stuffed baby squid, making them shine with additions like yuzu, ponzu cream, parmesan bouillon and Granny Smith apple jus. There is also a vegetarian tasting menu. We recommend you definitely try the monkfish lightly cooked on the bone with crispy-creamy risotto, vegetables a la barigoule with Iberian chorizo, coriander pesto and cooking juices. And please save room for the passion chocolate pie.

Delectably inventive cuisine at Le Park 45

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