4 Eateries You NEED To Try In Cyprus

The small island of Cyprus is packed with history, culture, and AMAZING food. It is encouraged on the island to share the fresh local cuisine amongst each other and relish over the rich flavors of the Mediterranean. Here are 4 restaurants that you MUST try with your group during your Cyprus getaway and make sure you savor every delicious bite.



This simple restaurant will wow your taste buds with Indian and Moroccan influences. The different way’s Chef Sam Kazzaz incorporates curry into his dishes is unheard of. If you’re vegetarian, you can still enjoy one of the restaurant’s unique dishes because they have a vegetarian special that changes weekly. You will never be bored and will surely be impressed at Limanaki.


Pingouino Cafe

For a more casual eating arrangement, check out this modern cafe near the beach. You can relax on the cushioned chairs or comfy couches while enjoying the free wifi. The menu includes international options, as well as Mediterranean choices. Those who are vegetarian and gluten-free are welcome! Top everything off with a milkshake made with your choice of 20 different flavors of ice cream.


Ladas Fish Restaurant

Eat in elegance at the Ladas Fish Restaurant. First, you are greeted with a crisp Greek salad, accompanied by assorted dips and warm pita. Then, you are served a delicious appetizer before the main course. Since there are no printed menus, your appetite is in the hands of the waitstaff. Don’t worry though, whatever is offered that day is sure to be the freshest fish and seafood.


Seven St. Georges Tavern

Be prepared to be won over by the charm of Seven St. Georges Tavern. The restaurant has their own little garden, which means that all their dishes are made with fresh, seasonal ingredients. The Cypriot dishes definitely get the local’s stamp of approval. There is no written menu, but you are welcomed with an endless array of small plates that will keep being served until you can’t eat anymore!

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