4 Ways To Spend a Day in Mykonos

Whether you’re looking to dedicate a day to basking in the sun or touring the historic architecture of the city, there are endless ways to plan a day in Mykonos. In this city, you’ll experience a unique fusion of both modern and historic elements that intertwine beautifully. We’ve compiled four ways to spend your day while visiting the lovely island of Mykonos.

Relaxing By The Beach

You’ll quickly find that there are many beaches to choose from, each having their own distinct personality and characteristics. On the northern side of the island, Lia beach offers a more quiet space with chill water. If you wander over to the beach of Ornos you’ll get captivating views of crystal clear waters with a picturesque landscape in the background.

Heading on a Day Cruise

Spend the day sailing over crisp waters and under rocky caves by embarking on a day cruise. With many excursion options to choose from, you’re able to tour neighboring islands like Delos and Rhenia, or just taking a trip around the island to explore the many beaches.

Exploring Little Venice

With a vibrant mix of dining options and shops to explore, Little Venice is a destination that will have you entertained and enchanted by its unique feel. This location is perfect for both day and night adventures, with an abundance of charming bars and nightlife. As this spot is quite popular with travelers, you’ll find many tourists within the district.

Touring Ancient Ruins

If you’re looking to see stunning archeological sites that reveal what civilization was like long ago, then you must take a tour to explore the ancient heritage. Must-see sights include the Thule Tomb, a second-century tomb, and Kastro Panigiraki, an ancient castle with stones walls spread down a mountain.

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