5 Fabulous Patisseries in Paris

Ahhhh, Paris! The City of Light. Walks along the Seine, kisses at Saint Germain des Prés, walking hand-in-hand on the staircase of Montmartre, enjoying world famous coffee and decadent pastries at fantastic patisseries. There are so many reasons to just pack and leave for this incredible city. But we have to say, the patisseries are among our favorite stops in Paris and for good reason – their offerings are incredibly rich and after all, Paris is best known for its glorious pastries and desserts!

We have rounded up five of the most epicurean Paris patisseries you really should try when you’re in the city to watch matches at the French Open tennis tournament!


Nicolas Stohrer, pastry chef of Louis XV, opened his first shop in Paris in 1730. Parisians took to Stohrer’s goods like ducks to water since the shop is still going strong today. It is the oldest bakery in Paris.

A must-try: Baba Chantilly. It’s the mouth-watering cake of the house, invented by Nicolas Stohrer in the 18th century. It’s embellished with its volumes of Chantilly cream. You can buy it just for one or in larger sizes to share.

Address: 51 rue Montorgueil

Baby Chantilly, cake of the house, at Stohrer, Paris [Source: Tripadvisor.com]

Du Pain et des Idées

If you can only visit one of these patisseries on this list, Du Pain et des Idées would be it. The bakery’s name translates to “bread and ideas,” and we have to say both are outstanding here. Many believe Du Pain et des Idées is the best bakery in the city. We have it on good authority chefs from other establishments line up here to get their breakfasts!

A must-try: Pistachio Chocolate Escargot. If sinking your teeth into the softest, warmest, most buttery and flaky piece of heaven sounds pretty good, you must try this dessert in the shape of a snail’s house, hence, the name.

Address: 34 rue Yves Toudic

Pistachio Chocolate “Snails” at Du Pain et des Idées, Paris. [Source: dupainetdesidees.com]

Maison Pierre Hermé

Pastry Chef Pierre Hermé looks at everything as a source of inspiration for his creations. A team of pastry chefs from Maison Pierre Hermé set to work assembling the notes and textures imagined by Pierre Hermé. Tastings, adjustments, new tastings – everything about the pastries are perfected before they’re revealed.

A must-try: When in France you definitely have to sample French Macarons and Maison Pierre Hermé has some of the most delicious in a myriad of flavors like mango, pineapple, banana, crème brûlée, Madagascar vanilla and coffee.

Address: 72 rue Bonaparte

The famous macarons at Maison Pierre Hermé, Paris [Source: Pierre Hermé Paris - London]


Popelini is affectionately known as the cream puff house in Paris. There are now four locations in the city. All they sell are cream puffs, so if you’re a fan, this is definitely a stop you have to make on your Parisian travels.

A must-try: The cream puffs, of course! There are rows and rows of these colorful little petit choux pastries. We recommend the best-selling salted caramel! You won’t be able to get just one!

Address: 71 rue de Seine

All this scoping out the best patisseries will have you eventually longing for a place to rest your feet. Apartment Tibault in the heart of the famed 16th arrondissement, is an aristocratic manner updated with modern conveniences. It is the epitome of contemporary refinement. The 16th arrondissement is a coveted neighborhood known for its lavish embassies, exceptional fine dining, and large green spaces and an ideal area for your luxury home while you’re in Paris.

A variety of cream puffs from Popelini, Paris [Source: sortiraparis.com]

La Maison Pichard

We would be remiss if we didn’t include what we think is the best place in Paris to grab an unforgettable croissant. That would be La Maison Pichard. This family-run bakery has been going strong for decades and offers a wide selection of delicious goods, but the one thing that keeps many people coming back are, indeed, the croissants. In fact, in 2018 the owner and master of the business, Frédéric Pichard, won the best croissant award in Paris. The secret of Maison Pichard is the perfect harmony of milk, flour, and creamy pamplie butter, or butter of the chefs.

A must-try: Yes, the croissants, of course. The creamiest, softest, most buttery, delicate crescents in the world.

Address: 88 rue Cambronne

Croissants at La Maison Pichard, Paris [Source: tripadvisor.com]

You will never need a specific reason to visit Paris. We go just because it’s Paris. However, there are many events to take in like tennis and the French Open and things to do such as patisserie hopping. When you’re in the City of Light, we want to make sure you have the best of everything possible. Not only will LVH provide you with luxurious accommodations with full services and 24/7 support, we will also fashion a detailed custom itinerary for you reflecting your desires while you’re on vacation. We invite you to contact one of our client relations team members who will start getting plans underway for your enchanting holiday to Paris!

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