Dec 28, 2018

5 Places to Have the Night of Your Life in Rio De Janeiro

Haylee Tuason
Rio de Janeiro, Nightlife

It’s time to party the night away and forget about the past, and what better way than going to Rio de Janeiro for its incomparable nightlife? If you have been to Rio before, then you know that the nightlife is like no other, but only if you can find it first! We have compiled the top 5 places to party the night away so can spend less time research and more time living your best life!



This place is a well-known hotspot for all different kinds of nightlife. Whether you are trying to chill at a bar or dance at a nightclub, Lapa is the center of it all. If you are looking for a younger crowd to hang out with during the night, this is your perfect night destination. Be on the lookout for live shows performed throughout the week and get ready to let loose!


Santa Teresa

For a more casual feel, this bohemian neighborhood is the spot. You can drink a beer and have a late night snack at one of the traditional Brazilian bars or have a cocktail in one of the more artsy venues. If you are one to immerse yourself in the culture, try going during the weekends for the different cultural events going on.



Not only does Copacabana have a famous beach and its own song, but a bunch of bars to choose from. It isn’t the rowdiest area, but it is the ideal place to ease into the night. Have a drink and take some time to socialize before jetting off to the next party!



If you are trying to spend all night long partying, then stop by Botafogo. There are all-night clubs and underground bars with quirky themes that make this destination one of the best in Rio de Janeiro. Botafogo only just started being the hotspot a couple years ago, so you know everything is still new and ready to be worn down!



Try not to overlook this gem, for you will never experience an outdoor party like the ones in Centro! Every weekend is filled with people waiting to hear what live band is playing and vendors selling food and drinks. Friday through Sunday there is never a dull moment at Centro.