Aleksandra Krol

Aleksandra Krol

Dining in Thailand

Thailand is filled with mesmerizing festivals and jaw dropping views. But these wonders can build up a hearty appetite. Thailand is filled with culinary treasures, with meals you can't experience anywhere else. Venture to Thailand to taste foods from some of the best chef's in the world. If you become

Luxury Car Tours and Experiences

Fast. Sleek. Expensive. For some these cars are only something of dreams. But for the lucky, this is their lifestyle. Whichever group you belong to, the world's most exclusive car brands can be experienced through either a factory tour or through a private driving experience. Visit where the magic is

Helicopter Skiing in the Swiss Alps

For those seeking a real thrill, come to Switzerland, and see the world as few can, with a helicopter experience. Take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and be dropped onto fresh powdered snow and ski like never before. Switzerland offers the best helicopter skiing in Europe, if

The World's Most Luxurious Wine Tours

For the avid wine lovers out there, there are wineries all over the world, to satisfy your tastes. Indulge in the luxury of some on the best vineyards and wine tastings available. These vineyards are also located in the most beautiful settings, so don't forget to take in the sights

Guide To Cape Town

Welcome to Cape Town, South Africa's Mother City. This breathtaking city if filled with beauty and adventure from every angle. Surrounding the city is the Table Mountain, followed by the city. Stay in the city for fine dining, a vibrant culture, and incredible people. Venture beyond the ocean, to find

Bali Spas

Bali is famous for its traditional spa treatments that will renew the body, mind, and soul. Javu is traditional Indonesian medicine. Dating back hundreds of years, this practice uses herbal materials to heal the body and has been incorporated into the wellness practices of Bali. After the long journey to

Dining in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a true treasure of Italy, that is blessed with sunshine and incredible views. Here the coast is lined with pastel coloured villa's that create a beautiful backdrop against the piercing blue Mediterranean. This jet set location is often frequented by Hollywood's royalty, and it's clear to

Romantic Getaway in Paris

In Paris it can always be Valentine’s Day. Experience love in the City of Love itself. The city flourishes on love with endless possibilities to bring you and your loved ones closer than ever before. Share a romantic meal in a hidden alley (Lady and Tramp style), or tango

Napa Valley Wine Experience

Travel to Napa Valley to unwind and enjoy the finer things in life. This Northern California region is blessed with impeccable views of endless vineyards and rolling hilltops. Napa is blessed with great weather all year round, perfect for long strolls in the day and cozying up by a fireplace
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