Alexandra Zelcer

Alexandra Zelcer

Marrakech: Culinary Experience

A cuisine full of flavor and warmth, Moroccan cuisine is more than just the couscous you may be familiar with. This list with help you explore some of the best restaurants that Marrakech has to offer during your stay in one of LVH Global's luxury properties. Le Tobsil Upon arriving

Ibiza: Wellness

Although this island is world-renowned for its incredible hard-partying ways, there is another side to this summer paradise as well. When the party dies down, Ibiza is the perfect place for a healing retreat. Find your inner zen while staying in one of LVH Global's luxury properties. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Potion Juicery

Cannes: Exploring the French Rivieria

Cannes is one of the shining stars of the Cote d'Azur. However, it is in close proximity to several unique locations that must not be overlooked or outshined by the popular attractions. Here's our list of the secret spots to visit during your stay in Cannes in one of LVH

Paris: A Food-lover's Paradise

Paris is not only the global center for art, fashion and culture but also for gastronomy. Eat your way around the City of Lights one restaurant at a time. Use our list of some of the top eateries around the city as your guide during your stay at one of

Los Angeles: Hot Spots

Explore the hottest spots in Los Angeles like a true native of the city. These locations embody the LA lifestyle. Experience the free and easygoing nature of the city while staying at one of LVH Global's luxury properties. Assembly Located right in the middle of Melrose Avenue, Assembly is an

The Parisian Experience

When you find yourself in the City of Love and Lights, there are a few attractions that are not to be missed. Jump on your Vespa, or on the back of a cute stranger's Vespa, and be sure to explore the wonders of this beautiful city. We've made a list

Tulum: Culinary Experience

Known for the spectacular coastline with some of the top beaches in Mexico, Tulum is where luxury and earthiness collide. With no power-grid, hospitality projects run on generators or solar power. In terms of restaurants, this translates to a more simple approach to cooking that allows for the quality of

Milan: Shopping Paradise

As one of the world’s fashion capitals, Milan is home to some of Italy’s most renowned designer brands as well as a wealth of independent boutiques and international stores. Here, we share our pick of the best addresses for shopping in Milan for you to explore while staying

Cannes: Shopping

This resort town on the French Riviera is famed for its international film festival. The epitome of wealth and glamour, Cannes is the perfect place to refresh your summer wardrobe. Shop at some of the top designer stores during your vacation, while staying at one of LVH Global's luxury properties.
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