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4 Parisian Cafés Loaded with Caffeine, Class and History

There is nothing better for soaking up the Parisian ambiance than sitting in a voguish café. Here are four of the best the city has to offer. Why not visit them all? Café de Flore What an amazingly rich history you’ll find at the lovely Café de Flore at

Swoosh down the Slopes in Style

Fashion Essentials for the Ski Scene Whether you’re off to Aspen, Courchevel, Verbier, Vail or any other hot spot in the world for a luxury ski getaway, you will want to hit the slopes wearing the most fashionable winter ski essentials. Of course you’ll want to stay warm,

The Buzz About Milan Fashion Week in February

Despite all that has been happening globally, it will soon be time for a much-awaited twice-yearly event in Milan, one of the world’s most prestigious fashion destinations. Fashion Week in this fashion mecca is slated for February 22-28 and it’s an event you definitely want to attend. Milan

The Spanish Know How to Ham it Up

The Most Delicious, Most Expensive Hams of Spain For Spanish people, there is something more important than football, more spiritual than religion, and goes beyond a mild infatuation. Most people like a bite of ham now and then, but mention ham to those in Spain and they become almost reverent.

3 Exquisite Architectural Marvels of Antoni Gaudi

Catalan architect Antoni Gaudi (1852-1926) had a distinctive style rich in freedom of form, depth of color and texture. He worked exclusively in or near Barcelona, spending much of his career occupied with the construction of the Expiatory Temple of the Holy Family or Sagrada Familia. Working on it, he

3 Photo-Worthy, Fabulous Experiences in Spain

Some elite travelers want more than the ho-hum of simply seeing and doing the touristy things on vacation. Many want the “pow” of adrenaline and excitement that comes from doing something out of the ordinary. If you consider yourself to be in that select group, read on for some awesome

5 Top Tapas Spots in Spain

Tapas has become a popular form of sharing food with family and friends. “Tapa” means lid or cover in Spanish. Tapas in Spanish cuisine has evolved from a very basic way of eating local vegetables, meats, and cheeses to include intricate gastronomic creations from Spain’s top chefs, with various

4 of Spain’s Most Magnificent Beaches

Sun-kissed Spain is known for its beaches with sand so dazzling it’s like powdered crystal, water so blue it rivals a clear sky and travelers who make their way there specifically to take advantage of the climate and the magnificent shores. We have put together a list of some

A Trio of Tremendous Wine Tasting Experiences

True wine aficionados often plan vacations around the types of wine experiences they will be able to have. Of course that includes tasting various types of vintages. With oenology and viticulture so popular these days, we are highlighting three of the top tasting experiences for you to consider before calling
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