Bali Spas

Bali is famous for its traditional spa treatments that will renew the body, mind, and soul. Javu is traditional Indonesian medicine. Dating back hundreds of years, this practice uses herbal materials to heal the body and has been incorporated into the wellness practices of Bali. After the long journey to Bali, and the endless experiences to behold there, these natural treatments will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Bali Spa Treatments

Bali offers unique spa treatments that will be sure to rejuvenate you and relieve any ailments that traveling can bring. While there are many variations of treatments to be found in Bali, here are the ones you can't miss out on when you are there.

Balinese Massage This is the most popular practice to be found in Bali. This massage is a full-body, deep-tissue, holistic treatment, that stimulates blood flow to create deep relaxation.

Shirodhara This is a holistic Ayurveda therapy that gently pours warm oil onto your forehead while you are lying down. This is believed to flow to your "third eye". The practice is used to relieve many ailments, including anxiety, depression, headaches, and more. You can actually feel your troubles melt away during the experience.

Mandi Lulur This is a great exfoliation and hydration treatment for the body. It begins with a full body massage and is followed by an ancient Javanese Body scrub. The scrub is made from turmeric, sandalwood, cinnamon, ground nuts, and rice to exfoliate the body. Afterward, you will be covered in fresh yogurt, which helps moisturize the body. Finally, you will be bathed in a warm bath filled with flowers. This ultimate and luxurious experience will leave you brighter, softer, and happier.

Hair cream bath This is a local tradition that Bali women live by. This hair cream bath consists of a head and shoulder massage, followed by a hair mask made of natural ingredients. Once the mask is placed on the scalp, it is left for 30 minutes under a steamer. This relaxing treatment strengthens and enhances your hair, and its' natural beauty.

Best Spas In Bali

While Bali is filled with endless wellness centers, and you can even enjoy getting a massage on most of its beaches, here are the best spa centers in Bali. Each of these is sure to provide you with a relaxing evening, allow you to indulge in traditional Bali treatments, and make you feel fresh and rejuvenated.

AYANA Resort and Spa Also known as Thermes Marins Spa, this spa is a truly luxurious area in Bali, that provides a wide array of spa treatments. Many guests come here to enjoy a massage on a limestone cliff, with the soothing sounds of the ocean surrounding you. It has the only Aquatonic Sea Water Jet Pool in Bali, with incredible views of the sunset are you relax. Enjoy the unique treatments to be found here, such as the Hot Shell Massage, the 7 Chakra Dhara Journey, and a diamond dust facial.

Fivelements Bali An award-winning eco-conscious wellness retreat, that incorporates all of the ancient traditions of Bali. Inside this wellness center, there are retreats offered, healing rituals, meditation, and yoga, as well as incredible beauty spa rituals. Their products are freshly prepared from raw ingredients. A popular treatment is the "Chocolate Love", where you will be scrubbed with a chocolate almond scrub, followed by a mask of warm melted chocolate, and an invigorating cacao butter body massage. This retreat also offers wedding and honeymoon packages, as it provides quite a romantic getaway.

The Bulgari Spa For a truly luxurious, venture to The Bulgari Spa. Here a variety of treatments is offered, with impeccable views of the sea. From traditional body wraps to Detoxifying cleansing rituals, this spa has it all. It is especially popular for couples' getaways. To relieve all stress, try the Balinese Indulgence for Two, which includes a Body Envelopment, Balinese Four Hand Body Massage, and Scalp Massage.

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