Dining in the Amalfi Coast

The Amalfi Coast is a true treasure of Italy, that is blessed with sunshine and incredible views. Here the coast is lined with pastel coloured villa's that create a beautiful backdrop against the piercing blue Mediterranean. This jet set location is often frequented by Hollywood's royalty, and it's clear to see why. The towns that make up this unique area, are filled with designer boutiques, inviting beaches, celebrated architecture, and incredible cuisines.


While all Italian food is good food, experience a unique marine palette on the Amalfi Coast. Most foods here are locally sourced and vibrant in color and taste, which drives many famous chef's to set up restaurants here. Be prepared to dine amongst A-listers, and eat seafood and citrus enhanced meals that will rock your world.

"Da Paolino" This Capri fine dining restaurant creates a charming dining atmosphere. Guests are seated under a lemon grove, like something out of a fairy tale. Da Paolino is heavily influenced by the Island of Capri. The seafood served was caught just hours ago by local fisherman on the island, the wine made from the vineyard next door, and the lemons pulled from where you sit. While there are many great local flavours to try, lemon can be tasted in an assortment of dishes, try the lemon risotto with prawns, lemon tagliatoni, or homemade limoncello.

"Terrazza Bosquet" A Sorrento Michelin starred gourmet restaurant. The exquisite food here encompasses a combination of regional and Mediterranean cuisine. Here romance can be felt throughout the year, with an elegant dining room during the winter months, and a beautiful outdoor terrace during the summer, with incredible views. Some dishes are thematically prepared like a famous painting, like those of Jackson Pallock.

"Ristorante La Sponda" This Michelin star restaurant in Positano offers light Mediterranean cuisine that will have you coming back for more tomorrow. This restaurant heavily showcases la dolce vita. During the evening "La Sponda" is illuminated by four hundred candles, creating a romantic atmosphere. Venture onto the terrace and you can enjoy an impeccable Champagne & Oyster Bar overlooking Positano.

"Eolo" Many believe this charming and elegant restaurant in Amalfi to be the best on the coast. With panoramic views of the Amalfi Harbor, it creates a picturesque scenery, along with white-cove ceilings and Romanesque columns. There is also a selection of over 3000 wines to perfectly pair with your meal. While the meal selection may be small, each dish is exquisitely prepared by the chef to provide for an unforgettable dinner.


For those of you that are citrus fans, the Amalfi Coast will be your paradise! This region cultivates lemons for a variety of uses, and an added bonus is the beautiful scenery it creates on the coast. While lemons originate from Asia, it was the Romans that spiked the lemon trade that made it so popular all over the world. They even created their own lemon, the Sfusato, also known as the Sorrento Lemon.

All of the major cities of the Amalfi Coast are lined with colourful villas, greenery, and bright yellow accents from the lemon trees. With lemon trees sprouting at every step you take, you should expect many lemony treats. Limoncello is an Amalfi staple, which is an Italian lemon liqueur, often made with grappa and lemon zest. Venture to the Island of Capri, and you will find many cute shops that sell lemon goods, ranging from lemon candies to cake. A personal favorite is the lemon chocolate in Capri, that all should try.

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