Helicopter Skiing in the Swiss Alps

For those seeking a real thrill, come to Switzerland, and see the world as few can, with a helicopter experience. Take a helicopter to the top of a mountain and be dropped onto fresh powdered snow and ski like never before. Switzerland offers the best helicopter skiing in Europe, if not the world. Two major skiing cities are Verbier and Zermatt, both are known for their heli-skiing.

Helicopter skiing doesn’t just offer fresh powder to ski on, the ride is an experience on its own. From the moment you take off you are immersed by breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, blue skies and clean white snow. You and your group will truly have the experience of a lifetime. Once at the top of your mountain, you can enjoy the tranquility of skiing beyond ski resorts, without having to wait on lift lines, or skiing around novice skiers. You will truly experience an adrenaline rush, venturing where few have before.

Beyond heli-skiing both Zermatt and Verbier are a winter paradise. For those purely interested in challenging skiing and a less touristy setting, Verbier is highly recommended, with tough trails and vast chalets throughout the city. Zermatt has become a greater tourist attraction, and while it too is filled with breathtaking chalets, the city has more restaurants, shopping, and chocolate shops.

The chalets in both cities are truly something out of a fairytale. They are modern, yet comfy, and the perfect setting to rest your body after an intensive day of skiing, whether it be by the fire or in the hot tub.


Matterhorn Glacier Paradise Zermatt is a true winter wonderland. Lying at the foot of the infamous Matterhorn, this small village is inviting, romantic, and filled with endless activities. The village itself dates back over 500 years, and truly exhibits the old world feel with its carless policy. Strolling down the street you are greeted with beautiful architecture, charming cafes, boutique shops, and often a beautiful layer of white snow, untouched by the smudge from cars. Due to its high altitude, this region is also referred to as Matterhorn glacier paradise, and is Europe's most famous summer ski destination.

There are plentiful activities to enjoy whilst in Zermatt. With a a lively après-ski scene, most guests enjoy skiing year round in Zermatt. With a snowy aesthetic year round, most activities are geared to that, like outdoor rinks for ice-skating and curling. There are many hiking and climbing trails popular in the area. One of the best activities offered in Zermatt is the Matterhorn Express VIP gondola . This "gondala" is a type of lift, that can accommodate up to four guests. You will be settled into the comfortable leather seats, and relax with a glass of champagne, as you ascend to great heights and spectacular views, including watching the magnificent Matterhorn glide past.

Dining in Zermatt


A Foodies Paradise
A day filled with activities will surely leave you with a hearty appetite. There are many great dining options within Zermatt.

Findlerhof Coming down from the slopes, be sure to ski into this incredible restaurant (it may be difficult to get there by foot). Findlerhof specializes in traditional Swiss as well as Italian foods, with an incredible assortment of wines. With views of the Matterhorn and delicious food, it is easy to see why this restaurant is one of the most popular in Zermatt, amongst visitors and locals alike. It is best to dine here during lunch, for a mid-day ski break.

After Seven For sophisticated cuisine, try After Seven. This famed restaurant is distinguished with 2 Michelin Stars and 17/20 Gault Millau points. The chefs, are true geniuses and offer modern and creative cuisines that'll make your taste buds spin. With an open kitchen design, guests are always impressed. The restaurant is accessible by lift, and is truly stunning, with incredible views and interior aesthetic.

Schäferstube If you're looking for authentic Swiss Alpine food, this is where you dine. Part of the Julen Family, an integral part of Zermatt, this charming restaurant is filled with sheepskin chairs, and a wooden interior. The food is made from the families farms. We recommend to try are the lamb dishes, which is the house specialty, this includes burgers, sausages and ragù. Also try the local raclette cheese, that will give you that Swiss feel.

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