How-To Bring Romance Back to Your Trip to Paris

If you came to celebrate your love by putting a lock on a bridge and throwing away the key, we got some bad news for you. Apparently, there was too much love for the bridges to hold. But while those issues are being worked out, here are some alternatives to get your love locked down!


Temple of Love

Time it right and be able to enjoy the Temple of Love with a sunset view. It is a beautiful building perched atop an island of a lake in Bois de Vincennes. You can get there by a bridge, or take it up a notch and rent a little rowboat. The views are so magnificent once you get there, almost good enough for a marriage proposal. If you look closely, you’ll find a grotto just in time for a midday picnic.



Have you ever watched Lady in the Tramp and wanted to recreate the adorable spaghetti scene?
Keep a lookout along the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine for the hidden gem, known as Capucine. The menu offers homemade pasta and Italian dishes that will be perfect for that pasta-sharing moment. When you’re done with dinner, go for an evening stroll down Rue Charonne and take in the local neighborhood views.


The Seine

It takes two and a view for a romantic tango, and the Seine is just the place to do it. You can dance the night away at any of the mini amphitheaters. Even if dancing isn’t your thing, you can sit along the steps and enjoy the view, while sipping on some wine. This is the spot you want to be when you’re ready to wind down.


Pink Flamingo at Canal Saint-Martin

If you are in the mood for some pizza, there is no other way to do it than at Pink Flamingo. When you order, you are given a pink balloon and are told to choose your spot along the Canal Saint-Martin. While you’re waiting, you can take a look at the art galleries and trendy lofts lined along the canal. When your pizza is ready, a delivery man will ride to your pink balloon on his bike and hand deliver you fresh New York-style slices.

Paris is already a romantic place, but going to these places will be the icing on the cake. Even though you can’t profess your love by putting a lock on a bridge, there are so many other ways to show you care.

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