London: Dining Out

Over the past few years, London has managed to leave its lackluster culinary reputation behind, and has transformed into a gastronomic powerhouse, offering food that is both delicious and diverse. Foods from virtually any country are readily available, which can likely be attributed to the city’s increasingly diverse population. Hot new restaurants are popping up all over the city, and there is something for everyone. We have comprised a list of some of the best and most exclusive restaurants you shouldn’t miss out on.

Sushi Tetsu

Don’t let this restaurant’s modest exterior fool you — Sushi Tetsu takes reservations two months in advance and only seats 7 people. The restaurant’s traditional sushi is moderately priced, but its quality and flavor will blow you away. Don’t forget to make your reservation far in advance, as the restaurant’s popularity, limited hours, and lack of space make it an incredibly difficult table to snag.

Chiltern Firehouse

As its name suggests, the Chiltern Firehouse was once a fire station, but has since been transformed into a gorgeous restaurant and hotel. Just like Sushi Tetsu, this restaurant is quite exclusive, so getting a table isn’t always easy. Open for breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner, the Chiltern Firehouse is great at any hour. The contemporary menu has something for everyone, so be sure to stop by.

CUT at 45 Park Lane

An extension of Wolfgang Puck’s original CUT in Beverly Hills, CUT at 45 Park Lane serves up delicious dishes in a gorgeous contemporary dining room. The restaurant specializes in the highest quality steaks, but also offers an array of other dishes such as lobster and risotto.


This is no ordinary Latin American restaurant. MNKY HSE serves up mouthwatering Latin American dishes with a modern twist. Aside from its delicious cuisine, the restaurant’s decor undoubtedly sets it apart. Its dark, sexy design feels more club than restaurant, but that’s exactly what MNKY HSE is after. This playful eatery is all sorts of cool, so don’t miss out.


This modern Italian restaurant opened in October, and it has already received great reviews. Diners will first be struck by the beautiful, unique interior (the ceiling is designed to represent traditional pizza ovens) and will eventually be delighted by the delicious Italian fare. The menu offers a range of pizzas, pasta, vegetables, and more.

Vineet Bhatia

Of course our list wouldn’t be complete without an Indian restaurant—curry has been adopted as one of England’s national dishes after all! Named after its incredibly talented Indian chef, Vineet Bhatia is located in an elegant townhouse and provides diners with a low-key, sophisticated dining experience.

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