Luxury Car Tours and Experiences

Fast. Sleek. Expensive. For some these cars are only something of dreams. But for the lucky, this is their lifestyle. Whichever group you belong to, the world's most exclusive car brands can be experienced through either a factory tour or through a private driving experience. Visit where the magic is made. During these private tours gain exclusive access to see how they are made, as well as a glimpse of some limited models, that you can't see anywhere else. For car enthusiasts this is an incredible experience, and some lucky enough might get to meet the makers , like Pagani himself. If you want to live life in the fast lane, there are many opportunities to experience these cars, from the drivers seat. Enjoy a few hours to drive a Lamborgini, Maserati, etc. Try one experience, or both, either way, it'll be hard to drive slow afterwards.

Luxury Car Tours


Sleek, strong, and satisfying these cars won't disappoint. If you're interested in seeing where the worlds most luxurious cars come from, here is a list of the best luxury car tours. Not only will you be able to find some rare vehicles, but you will guided through their process of making, as well as enjoy the factories themselves, most providing cafès, restaurants, and gift shops, for whatever your heart desires.

Jaguar(Birmingham, UK) Experience the unique opportunity to see how a Jaguar is made and witness the entire production process from sheet metal to Jaguar car. Observing how these incredible and sleek cars are made, you will see hundreds of robots working in perfect unison at this state-of-the-art factory. Here, you will be greeted by coffee, tea, & biscuits. And if you're lucky enough, you might even get a chance to sit in the C-X75 concept car from the Bond film Spectre.

Pagani (San Cesario sul Panaro, Italy) Pagani is an Italian manufacturer of supercars and carbon fibre components. A relatively new company, it was founded in only 1992. Upon entering the factory, guests will be awed by the piazza like layout of the factory. It does not have that manufacturing feel that many would expect of a car company. Entering the "factory" guests are given a short history of the company and Pagani, and then are later taken on the tour. This is where "science meets art", as the cars are constructed by hand which makes them so special, there are no robots in sight. With only 50 cars produced a year, visiting the Pagani Factory will surely show you something you won't be able to find on the streets.

Ferrari (Maranello, Italy) Venture to the Ferrari Factory for a day filled with vehicular activities. Start your day at the Ferrari Museum. This building has stayed in its style since the 1940's. The factory will take you through the history of the brand, and also offers an up close experience of these luxurious automobiles. Followed by the museum, guests will be taken on the Ferrari Bus, where you will be driven around the Ferrari Village. Although you are not allowed to get off the bus, you will drive around the complex and told about the processes that take place throughout the Ferrari Museum. This tour will also take you to the Ferrari test track, where the cars are tested before publicized.

Maserati (Modena, Italy) At the Maserati Factory, guests will experience fully the Maserati and all it has to offer. The tour begins in the Maserati showroom, which displays many different cars, including those in production at the moment. After the warm reception, and historical brief of Maserati, guests will be taken on a guided walk of the assembly line, where they can experience first hand the production of these incredible vehicles. When you fall in love with the brand, there is a great gift shop so that you can represent the brand well. Nearby there is also the "MASTER MASERATI" Driving Course, where guests can experiences the performance of the various Trident models.

Lamborghini (Bologna, Italy) The Lamborghini factory tour will show you cars you will probably never have the opportunity to ever see again. Inside the factory, there is the Lamborghini Museum, which exhibits the history and beautiful photos of the Lamborghini world. Here you can observe twenty collectors’ cars such as Miura, Countach, Espada, Diablo, F1 single-seater, Gallardo, Murciélago, Reventón and the latest Huracán and Aventador. Guided tours will take guests through Lamborghini’s assembly lines to see how this incredible process comes to life. At the end of the tour guests have the opportunity to purchase Lamborghini Merchandise.


Experience the thrill firsthand Seeing these luxurious cars is nice, but there is nothing as exhilarating as getting behind the wheel of one of these speedsters. For those of you who want to experience the thrill of driving luxury sports vehicles, there are many opportunities all over the world. Gotham Dream Cars is an organization with locations spread out the U.S. Here you can experience the thrill of six different exotic sports cars, over three hours. Experience the adrenaline of driving Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Bentleys and more. Feel the wind in your hair, and the adrenaline in your veins. There are many more locations and organizations that will help fulfill your desires for driving in such luxury. Allow LVH Global to help find the right experience for you, no matter where you are traveling.

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