Must See Sights in Cannes

This scenic town on the French Riviera offers more than its iconic film festival and stunning beaches. It’s also a location that’s full of history and culture, and you’ll find that in the architecture and landmarks that are visible throughout the area. From castles to historic walking areas, you’ll want to explore these eye-catching sights while you’re in this colorful town! We’ve compiled the top four sights to see while in Cannes.

Notre-Dame de l'Espérance

With high ceilings and distinct gothic architecture, this famous church offers incredible views of Cannes. While wandering through the interior, you’ll feel like you’re going back in time as you move past the Renaissance-like structure. The real magic is once you go up the steps and get a panoramic view of the Mediterranean.

La Californie

Take a stroll through the neighborhood that Picasso used to call his home. You’ll find stunning homes with luscious greenery as you walk through this district, along with Eglise Russe, a distinctly Russian church that is ideal for taking pictures.

Vieux Port

This port was created in 1957 and continues to draw crowds with its view of the clear blue Mediterranean waters and sailboats dancing on the gentle waves. Admire the assortment of yachts and take in the breeze while you walk along the harbor.

Lérins Abbey

This Cistercian monastery will make you feel as if you’re walking through a fairy tale, or at least in the Middle Ages. See the past and the present intertwine, as this landmark is home to a monastic community. From the mountains in the distance to the cobblestone walls and palm trees outside, it’s not only perfect to admire from a distance, but to experience in person!

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