New York City: Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week in September is always the busiest time of the year in the fashion world, but fashion week comes more than once a year. Showcasing the designer's creations for the fall season, NYFW in February is the perfect time to get a sneak peek at all of the upcoming fashion trends. We've selected the most exciting shows to go to in this blog post and check out our featured property, Penthouse Devon, at your disposal to ensure you have the most luxurious experience.

Runway's On Fire 2017

This thrilling fashion show is an experience that cannot be missed, showcasing several young and fresh designers featuring designs with eclectic mixtures of different prints from different places and times. This fashion show is packed with energy, with special featured performers as well as fine cuisine.

Alexander Wang

Known for his trendy and modern designs, the Alexander Wang fashion show is not one to be missed. Be ahead of the fashion game and witness fashion history as it's made right on the runway.

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