Palm Springs: Coachella

Coachella is the music festival that everyone waits for. Spanning over two weekends in April, it is the one place where celebrities and non-celebrities gather together every year to enjoy incredible music and show off their best boho outfits. With amazing VIP options, Coachella caters to pretty much everyone, so don't worry about sleeping in tents or dying of thirst. We've come up with a list of tips and tricks for experiencing Coachella VIP in style.

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1. Purchase Tickets ASAP

Don't hesitate to purchase your tickets; they sell out crazy fast. The VIP passes are in very limited supply, so don't wait!

2. Splurge on VIP Passes

It should come as no surprise that VIP passes are the way to go. Spending the extra money is definitely worth it, as VIP passes give you access to cleaner bathrooms, shaded lounge areas, exclusive food vendors, shorter lines, and more. When the sun becomes unbearable and your feet start feeling tired, the VIP areas will feel like heaven. Keep in mind that VIP parking passes are sold separately.

3. Consider Taking a Helicopter

Traffic during Coachella can be insane. You might want to consider hiring a helicopter to take you from LA to your Palm Springs rental, as this can save a tremendous amount of time. You can even charter a helicopter to take you to the actual festival grounds. A helicopter company called Blade has recently teamed up with Uber, and together, they are offering helicopter services for around $4,000. Not only does this option save you loads of time, it's also an incredibly sexy way to arrive.

4. The Essentials

Now onto the less exciting stuff: the Coachella festival grounds are located in the desert. The Coachella Valley is hot, dry, and offers little protection from the sun. Despite the two VIP lounges you will get to enjoy, it's likely you'll be walking around the festival grounds for quite a while, leaving yourself totally exposed. The two most important things for conquering the heat: water and sunscreen. Staying hydrated will keep you cool and will give you an extra boost of energy to make it through the whole weekend. So please, drink lots and lots of water. You should also be prepared to lather yourself in sunscreen. The sun in the valley is brutal, and there is nothing worse than walking around in the heat with a sunburn. Apply sunscreen religiously throughout the weekend. You won't regret it.

5. Dress the Part

Coachella is the perfect place to showcase your best boho-chic outfits. Wild prints, skimpy outfits, and crazy accessories can always be found at Coachella, so feel free to be creative and wear something really unique. Just remember that comfort is key.

6. Have Fun, it's Coachella!

Finally, the most important tip is to just relax and have fun. With thousands of people gathering in the same small space, it's hard to control absolutely everything. Just be ready to have a good time, and don't worry about anything. Coachella is an incredible experience; everyone is there to dance, party, and listen to awesome music. Enjoy it!

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