Bold Flavors, Classic Tradition: Principe Cerami

In 1866, the Prince of Cerami inherited a 15th century monastery in the ancient seaside town of Taormina. At that time, Taormina was already an obligatory port of call on the Grand Tour and so the monastery was converted into a hotel to accommodate wealthy European visitors. The San Domenico Palace Hotel is still considered one of the finest in Sicily. It houses the prestigious Michelin two-starred Sicilian restaurant, Principe Cerami. Embark on an unforgettable culinary journey, curated by award-winning Chef Etna - - born Massimo Mantarro.

Their Masterdish: Spaghetti Al Nero di Seppia: Homemade Spaghetti, cuttlefish ink, marinated cuttlefish tagliatelle, zucchini blossoms, courgettes fondue

Presenting quintessential cuisine and showcasing the finest local ingredients and traditions, the restaurant is open from April to October. Rediscovering the gastronomy of his homeland, and experimenting with light and exciting modern Mediterranean cuisine, Chef Massimo's creations highlight the best Sicilian fare.

Quintessential Sicilian cuisine, showcasing the finest local ingredients

During autumn the restaurant occupies an elegant dining room.  In summer guests can dine on the magnificent terrace overlooking the Sea of Taormina. Combining tradition and innovation within a culinary culture as varied as Sicily's, Chef Mantarro's dishes are the perfect combination of classic specialties and daring flavors.

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