Romantic Getaway in Paris

In Paris it can always be Valentine’s Day. Experience love in the City of Love itself. The city flourishes on love with endless possibilities to bring you and your loved ones closer than ever before. Share a romantic meal in a hidden alley (Lady and Tramp style), or tango by the Seine. Whatever your version of love is, Paris is the perfect destination for all lovebirds, families, or those looking for it.

Paris is filled with romantic spots and destinations to enjoy. You will never run out of things to do, or places to visit. And while you may enjoy just cuddling in your luxury vacation home, or dining at an exquisite restaurant, here are some romantic activities you should definitely do when you find yourself in Paris.

Take a stroll in the Luxembourg Gardens, where many of history’s lovers have strolled, like Napoleon and Josephine. These gardens are based from the Boboli Garden, in Florence. It is the perfect setting for walking around, and taking in breathtaking views. Travel to the Temple of Love to visit the location where Marie Antoinette built the temple as a celebration of her love to Loui XVI. Common superstition is that sharing a kiss at the centre of the temple strengthens love and relationships. Many couples travel here to renew their vows or propose. With so many incredible and romantic places to visit in Paris, you should also Rent Vintage Scooters to take in as many sights as possible. This couple's adventure can lead you to many hidden gems throughout Paris.

Top Restaurants

A romance filled day will surely leave you with hearty appetites. While Paris is filled with deliciousness at every turn, here are some of the most impeccable, delicious, and romantic restaurants.

Guy Savoy This beautiful restaurant is located at the Monnaie de Paris, set on the banks of the River Seine. With incredible views and a mesmerising interior, you'll forget that you came here to eat. But you will soon be presented with the menu of Guy Savoy, a three Michelin Star Chef, that will change your world. He is particularly known for his artichoke with black truffle soup served with toasted mushroom brioche and truffle butter, which is truly exquisite.

Epicurus Yet another three Michelin Star chef, Eric Frechon, presents some of the best food you will ever try. Visitors travel from all over the world to try his macaroni stuffed with black truffle, artichoke and duck foie gras, gratinéed with aged Parmesan, which is an unforgettable dish.

Lasserre Some describe this to be the most romantic restaurant in Paris. From the moment you enter to the moment you leave, you will be greeted by a warm staff, beautiful interiors, and incredible food. On lucky occasions, guests can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air from the retractable ceiling. You will also enjoy the elegance of a live pianist playing music whilst you enjoy your meal.

Rent your vacation home with LVH to stay in the heart of the city, because Paris makes the heart grow fonder. Experience the possibility of being in the city’s streets as fast as you can walk down your home stairs. The city is filled with lights and lovers. Relish some of the best dining of your life, with fresh and local foods, prepared by top chefs, who grew up believing in the importance of food integrity, and don’t be afraid to venture into trying adventurous foods. At the end of each eventful day, you can cozy up in your luxury vacation home, and experience true lovers’ bliss.

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Romantic Getaway in Paris