2022 Private Islands

A collection of 4 posts

De-Stress on a South Pacific Private Island

Let LVH do its magic and help you to disappear for a while in paradise Some elite travelers are going all out and opting for supreme privacy and luxury by choosing to vacation on a private island. In fact, according to recent statistics, the demand for private island journeys are

Top 5 Water Activities to try in 2022 on Your Next Private Island Getaway

When you’re spending your vacation on a private island, you can take advantage of all the water surrounding you and play with a number of water toys and take part in some cool marine adventures. On Velaa Private Island [https://lvhglobal.com/indianislands/velaa-private-island] in the Indian Ocean or

Diving Deep with Omega’s Newest Watch

If you’re an avid diver and a diving watch is an important element of your diving gear, you might want to give thought to purchasing the only watch in the world that can survive a descent of 35,876 feet or about 6.8 miles beneath the sea. Omega

Top 5 Restaurants to Try in Ibiza While Staying on Tagomago Island

When you are staying on Tagomago Island, leaving is difficult, but you might enjoy the occasional dinner in Ibiza which is only about a half hour away by boat. Here are five glorious restaurants that could entice you to pull yourself away from your island paradise for a few hours:
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