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A Trio of Tremendous Wine Tasting Experiences

True wine aficionados often plan vacations around the types of wine experiences they will be able to have. Of course that includes tasting various types of vintages. With oenology and viticulture so popular these days, we are highlighting three of the top tasting experiences for you to consider before calling

Henriot Unveils Rare Vintage Champagne Collection

The famed family-owned Maisons and Domaines Henriot, recently released a vintage collection of champagne perfect for special celebrations. Named Les Mémoires, the collection includes three bottles which have been aging for decades in the cool cellars in the champagne house in Reims, France. Vintages hail from 1981, 1971 and 1959.

Pairing Wine and Food like a Pro

When you have a sumptuous meal waiting to be enjoyed the last thing you want is to have a wine served that isn’t complimentary to the cuisine. To become a successful matchmaker and develop a love affair between the fare and the fruit of the vine, you have to

5 World-Class Wines for Elite Wine Connoisseurs

There is so much to be said for opening a bottle of one of the world’s most exclusive wines, slowly letting the elixir run into a crystal glass and relishing every sip. Enjoying a rare, fine wine is paying a tribute to yourself and the chance to toast the
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