The Sweet Side of St. Tropez

We certainly know the glamorous side of St. Tropez, decorated with sailboats and yachts along the French Riviera, high-end shopping, and a vibrant nightlife. The side of this town that you may not have seen yet is one that your taste buds will undoubtedly love -- the sweet side! As you spend your days basking in the sun, living your best life, treat yourself to authentically crafted French desserts. We’ve compiled the top 3 dessert destinations in St. Tropez!



Creamy, rich, and absolutely delightful! You can’t come to St. Tropez without trying the best gelato in St. Tropez! Here you’ll find an assortment of flavors that are served in cups and cones -- the portions are quite generous as well, so definitely come with a sweet tooth.


La Tarte Tropezienne

Located in the center of the town, this cafe is home to authentic French delights, including their signature cake, “La Tarte Topezienne” which will make your mouth water just from looking at it. You’ll also find more bite-size desserts to choose from, accompanied by fruits and creamy fillings.


Creperie Grand Marnier

If you’re in France, it only makes sense to try a real French crepe! Once you arrive, you may notice that there is a line going down the sidewalk, as many diners come to enjoy the beloved crepes created here (many come back multiple times during their trip). You’ll have the choice to order either the original crepe or with a filling of your choice.

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