The World's Most Luxurious Wine Tours

For the avid wine lovers out there, there are wineries all over the world, to satisfy your tastes. Indulge in the luxury of some on the best vineyards and wine tastings available. These vineyards are also located in the most beautiful settings, so don't forget to take in the sights while you enjoy your perfect glass of wine. Expand your palette, and learn to distinguish between good wine, and what to pair it with. At these exclusive wine tours you will be wined and dined, and offered VIP access to see how some of the world's best wines are made, and what their secrets are. From the Château Margaux to Chianti Classico, these tours are sure to fulfill your wine lovers needs.

Château Margaux that comes with the trip of a lifetime

It'll take you halfway around the world For the first time in history, the Balthazar of Château Margaux has been bottled. Only six limited edition bottles have been produced, with only three available for sale at the exclusive wine merchant, Le Clos. So you can pick one up, on your way out of the Dubai airport, at the Le Clos wine shop. The price point? $195,000. But what comes with this price? When you buy this exclusive wine, you are flown first class to France, to visit the first growth's estate of the Château Margaux. Here, you will be given a tour of the estate, followed by a private tour of its cellars and vineyard.

The Château Margaux 2009 is one of the best wines ever made, as well as the most expensive bottle of red wine to ever be retailed. It is beautifully engraved with real gold, by a renowned craftsman, which only enhances its incredible taste. The purchaser of this wine will also be able to enjoy dinner at the Château, hosted by Chief Winemaker and Managing Director of Château Margaux, Paul Pontallier. This is an experience that only three people in the world will ever get to enjoy, along with being of the few that can enjoy this fine wine.

Dom Pérignon

The Heart of Champagne Enjoy the tour of a lifetime, that will take you into the Champagne region of the world, give you some insight on how some of the best champagne in the world is made, not to mention the many extraordinary tastings that will fill your day. Dom Pérignon has created a unique tour for champagne lovers. During your time there you will walk around the beautiful vineyards, as you learn more about the history of Dom Pérignon.

Guests will be given a tour of the Abbey d’Hautvillers, the birthplace of common champagne by famous monks. Two Dom Pérignon ambassadors will take you along the tour, teaching you the history of the area, as well as some industry secrets. The Dom Pérignon experts will then take you to the much anticipated wine tastings. But first you will be taught by these experts, the appropriate way to taste and judge champagne, using mouth and nose methods to discover the famous bubbles. A chef will also prepare for you the right foods to pair for such a champagne. A "Blackbox" experience follows, where guests will use a special digital and sensory device to see famous exhibited artworks, to add to this sophisticated atmosphere. You day at the Dom Pérignon estate will surely leave you changed from wine enthusiast to wine expert.

Antinori Chianti Classico

Wine dating back to 1385 Venture to Tuscany to experience the most well known wine that comes from Italy, Chianti Classico. This wine that derives from the Chianti region, is a dry red wine, that pairs nicely with many foods. Antinori wine can trace its roots back as far as 1385. At the vineyard, it tells a story of the past, present, and future of the Antinori Family. They have a few vineyards across Italy, this is the most recent. It incorporates traditional vineyard practices, along with many modern touches. Set in the beautiful tuscan atmosphere, the winery features a gourmet restaurant on the rooftop of the winery.

There are four different wine tours offered at this location. The Barriccaia visit, the Bottaia visit, Bottaia Cru Visit, and additional exclusive experiences. These visits range from level of wine expertise. For those new to the Antinori family and the Chianto region, the Barriccaia visit will introduce you to the region, and teach you the ways of fine wine. While the Bottaia Cru Visit is for those ready for "a true immersion in the world of Marchesi Antinori and its company philosophy", it also includes seven wine tastings. For all tours, a gourmet meal is included and the opportunity to visit the luxurious estate. With many other additional experiences offered at this estate, you are sure to leave here as a Chianti connoisseur.

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