Tips for Exploring the Luxurious Town of Zermatt

Considered as one of the most beautiful spots in Switzerland, the picturesque ski resort of Zermatt is a Swiss Alps beauty that Europe's visitors must never miss.

Nestled at the foothills of the picturesque Swiss Alps situates a pleasant destination serving as the gateway to the mountains of Matterhorn, Monte Rosa and Weisshorn. The idyllic town of Zermatt abounds with characteristics of an alpine playground perfect for travelers looking for a sense of adventure and a place of utmost relaxation. To help you plan a lavish trip to Zermatt, here are some luxurious escape ideas we've come up for you.

Stay in a Charming Chalet

Kleine Scheidegg, Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland

A chalet is a traditional wooden house or cottage typically found in the Swiss Alps. Staying in a chalet in this part of Switzerland is a must for every traveler. Great thing for you, LVH Global rents out a number of beautiful chalets in Zermatt—with each one located in a prime location overlooking the mountains and neighboring lovely towns. Each chalet provides luxurious space complete with all the amenities one will look for in a luxury accommodation.

Ride a Tramway to the top of Klein Matterhorn

Klein Matterhorn, Zermatt, Switzerland

Hold your horses before you imagine yourself huffing and puffing on the way to the top. Because good news is; this mountain—despite towering 3,883 meters—can be easily conquered via an aerial tramway. The top of Klein Matterhorn is considered as the highest place in Europe reachable by this type of transportation. At the peak of this mountain, you will see the jaw dropping view of the Matterhorn Glacier Paradise, the Breithorn Plateau and the southern mountain ranges of the Swiss Alps. On the way down, make a side trip to Glacier Grotto to see impressive frozen sculptures.

Board an open-air railway to Gornergrat

View of Matterhorn from Gornergrat, Switzerland.

How about pulling off a comfortable manner of mountain climbing? You can do just that in Gornergrat. Going to the top of the 3,000 meter Gornergrat on-board the highest open-air railway in Europe is every bit of mountain climbing in style. The trip going up takes half an hour and passes through a scenic forest and impressive snow-covered rock formations. At the peak, you can view the Matterhorn and other high-rising peaks in the Swiss Alps.

Experience the sport of Skiing

One cannot leave the Swiss Alps without going out on a ski adventure. Zermatt is laden with a wide array of cable-cars and funiculars that conveniently takes skiers to numerous ski spots in the Swiss Alps. Hire a mountain guide to get to the best skiing spots. The best time to ski here is from the months of November to April when even the lower slopes are blanketed by snow. After your ski session, enjoy a sumptuous meal at one of the many restaurants located in the most unique locations in the mountains.

Explore the other mountains by Cable-Car

Hopping from one cable-car, a gondola or a funicular to another will gift you a memorable day exploring the Swiss Alps. You can easily visit the peak of Blauherd—where a state-of-the-art cable car that can fit 100 passengers can take you to the peak of Unterrothorn. At Unterrothorn, you can wine and dine at one of the restaurants and enjoy the view of the glaciers of Matterhorn and Monte Rosa. During winter, you can ski here while in the summer you can go on a paragliding adventure.

Enjoy a Lovely stroll in Zermatt Village

Zermatt Village

After your Swiss Alps exploration and mountain activities, take a leisurely stroll at Zermatt Village. Here, you can sample the delicious local cuisines, check out the "Old Village", a sort of an open museum where you can see more than 30 traditional Walser houses and the Zermantlantis Matterhorn Museum. The town is also dotted with small shops selling unique items.

Relish solitude in Sunnega

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Located just 5 minutes by funicular ride from Zermatt, Sunnega is where you can find a sun-showered natural balcony opening to the majestic panoramic view of the Matterhorn. Following a trail will lead you to a glass-like lake in Leisse, where the reflective waters attracts travelers to take a dip during summer. During winter snowboarding, skiing and snow-shoeing are the leading activities here.

Pamper yourself at a mountaintop Spa

Image Courtesy: BellaVitaStyle

After indulging yourself in a day of skiing and other mountain activities, it's time to pamper yourself at one of the Spas in Zermatt. These spas offer the best amenities that incudes steam baths, sauna bath, outdoor Jacuzzis, heated pools and an array of body treatment and relaxation procedures.These are just some of the many luxurious ways to enjoy a holiday in Zermatt. To make your vacation a memorable one, make sure to stay at one of LVH's luxurious chalets for rent in the town of Zermatt.

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