Local Cuisine of Mykonos

So you’ve made it to Mykonos. You are surrounded by sandy white beaches and the most beautiful ocean as far as the eye can see. It doesn’t seem like anything can make this moment better, but there is something -- the local cuisine of Mykonos.

Kiki’s Tavern

Located above the beach at Agios Sostis lays this cozy tavern. Without electricity, all the food is grilled outdoors on a charcoal barbeque. There is no clear signage directing you to this tavern, so the best way to find it is by relying on your sense of smell. This is not hard to do since the scent of freshly barbecued seafood and meat dishes linger throughout the beach. Everything on the menu is reasonably priced, with healthy proportions. This local eatery is perfect for a calm and secluded feast.


Some of the best food in Mykonos is served by this small local house of traditional Mykonian architecture. The interior is decorated with elegant wooden detail, while the exterior includes a veranda and a blossoming garden. The Greek food here is nothing less than high-quality thanks to the chef and owner’s experience working in five-star hotels. Good service and amazing food are what you’ll find at M-Eating.

Katerina’s Bar

This bar and restaurant duo is located in an area known as Little Venice. The medieval architecture in this area is known for its colorful painted balconies that give the feel of being in Italy. This is a place you definitely want to book ahead of time because the outdoor patio only has three tables. Even if you end up waiting, it’s worth it for the views atop the balcony of the glistening waters and historic windmills.

Madoupas Cafe

Check out this locally run cafe for some traditional Greek specialties. Enjoy a bite of some souvlaki or moussaka as you relish in the views of the ocean and the old port. If you are interested in the history of Mykonos, take a look inside the cafe for some black and white pictures of the old island.

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