Sightseeing in Mykonos

Mykonos is known as the most cosmopolitan spot in Greece. It is filled with gorgeous beaches, picture-worthy villages and a vivid nightlife. However, there are also several sightseeing opportunities that are worth taking a look.

Little Venice

If you’re on your honeymoon or just looking for a romantic spot, Little Venice is where it's at. The architecture is historic and elegant, placed at the edge of the sea. The whitewashed buildings against the blue Aegean Sea are too picturesque. The best time to go is during the sunset. It is hard not to fall in love with this charming area. Feel free to stop by one of the many bars and relax, while watching the boats float by.


The windmills in Mykonos were mostly used to crush architectural yields. No longer operational, they are a reminder of Mykonos’ rich past. Now they have been renovated and turned into museums. The Bonis Windmill is the most famous, but they are all a living testimony of how innovative the island was. Even from a distance, these windmills are easy to spot and hard to miss.

Panagia Paraportiani

The church of Panagia Paraportiani is one of the most photographed churches in the world. It is right by the sea, at the entrance of Kastro neighborhood. What makes this church unique is that it is actually made up of five small churches, built on top or next to each other. Gradually through the centuries, the church of Panagia Paraportiani was created.

Peter the Pelican

Also known as Petros, Peter the Pelican has become the mascot of Mykonos. You can find this wondrous bird strolling through the city’s alleyways, the harbor area or Alevkantra. Once you spot him you will immediately adore him as much as everyone else. It is said that a Mykonian fisherman found a wounded pelican and raised him back to health. When it was time for the pelican to fly back home, he stayed in Mykonos.

The beach and villages of Mykonos are amazing, but don’t take for granted the scenic views the island has to offer!

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