Quick Eats in the East Village

You finally made it to New York City and you realize you are STARVING! Do you really have the energy to wait two hours for some food? We didn’t think so. Good thing East Village has some amazing places, that are also amazingly efficient.



Now, this is a place you’ll want to go for some quality Italian pasta. If you’re thinking that it looks like a plain old bar, be prepared to have your expectations exceeded. We do warn you that just because it has an un-fancy environment, it doesn’t mean a bowl of pasta comes cheap. But you will not regret your choice if you decide to order a bowl, or two.



Bring a few of your friends and enjoy this quaint Greek spot. The dishes are so good you won’t want to pick just one. But it’s okay because it’s recommended to order a bunch of different dishes and split them amongst everybody. Don’t forget to order some wine, because the meal just wouldn’t feel complete without it.



Did you really go to New York if you didn’t try some authentic NY pizza? You can imagine that the best pizza places will be swarming with tourists trying to get a taste of the city. This is where Motorino comes in. The pizza is just as good as all the well-known pizza places around town with a fraction of the wait.



Don’t be fooled by the crowded atmosphere, the workers at Soba-ya work fast! Whether you are alone or with friends, hot soba is exactly what you need. Too hot for some soba? That’s okay because their raw fish rice bowls are also a great choice!



Craving some Latin food? Grab a seat and a glass because the margarita pitchers will keep pouring as long as you keep asking. You will never have to worry about finding a table at Esperanto. This is the ideal place to bring all your friends for that last-minute celebration. It’s low-key, fast, and the food is filled with exotic flavors.

Don’t put yourself through those long lines just to get a bite to eat. There are plenty of restaurants in East Village that are just as good with less of a wait.

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