Jul 05, 2018

Vibrant Dining in Mexico

Raut Uzan

Picture yourself having a late lunch near the Tulum ruins, what do you notice on your plate? Is it the colorful spices, vibrant display of fruits and vegetables, or the endless creativity that never ceases to inspire? If you’re looking for a fresh, invigorating dining experience, look no further and view our top picks for the best dining experiences around Mexico.



From the cozy ambiance to the locally sourced and seasonal ingredients, this Mexico City staple exudes a “fresh” vibe. You’ll be able to enjoy creatively constructed dishes while feeling delighted by the nutritious quality of the meals during your experience.


Buccanos at Night

Located on the scenic island of Cozumel, this restaurant offers popular Mexican dishes with an upscale twist. Though the main focus of the menu is seafood, you’ll find a variety of choices, such as Chicken Satay or Oaxaca Cheese Squares. While you’re savoring your artistically designed cuisine, enjoy the stunning view of Cozumel’s iconic seaside.


Kitchen Table

A self-described “jungle kitchen,” Kitchen Table is located on the Boca Paila Beach Road, where minimalist style meets a flavorful concoction of seafood dishes. The ambiance is certainly one of a kind, with an earthy decor and an open kitchen. Make sure to try the Grilled Deviled Avocado, and save room for the Chocolate Ginger Ganache for dessert!



This Mexico City favorite can be found in the Polanco district and offers both a luxurious and delectable experience for the diner. Putting a contemporary twist on street food is Chef Enrique Olvera’s specialty, along with unique takes on the classics, like Pujol’s Barbacoa Taco. The aesthetics and artistry transcend the menu and can be found in the ambiance and decor of the room.