Why You Should Travel In 2020

We will never run out of reasons to travel in this lifetime, and 2020 is no exception.

We will never run out of reasons to travel in this lifetime, and 2020 is no exception. Whether you're in for a ski adventure in the popular ski resort of Telluride, or walk barefoot in the pristine beaches of Ko Phi Phi Island in Thailand, there is so much to explore as we welcome a decade in 2020.Travelling allows us to check places other than our own, widen our perspectives to different cultures, and appreciate the beauty of human creations and natural wonders all over the world. Are you still unsure if 2020 is finally your travel year? We listed some of the most compelling reasons why you should get that bag, pack your beach wear, take your passport, and hop on to your next adventure of a lifetime!

  1. Find yourself and self-reflect in a yoga retreat.

Have you joined a personal yoga retreat? Experience yoga like never before with the help of a professional that comes straight to your vacation home. With a personal yoga teacher, you can do yoga in the comfort of your own personal villa at your own preferred time, location, and style - perfect for every destination. One of the best destinations to do this is Bali, which is full of top-notch villas that really take you to a complete and immersive cultural experience.

2. Learn how to cook international cuisines.

One good advantage of travelling is you get to experience the food culture of another place or country. For food enthusiasts and chefs, this means trying out interesting international cuisines and realising the different taste preferences in every culture.

Whether your taste ranges from Cuban to Italian, or Japanese to Persian, you will always find pleasure in trying out the unique food every country has to offer.

3. Indulge in a perfect in-house spa.

Take time out for yourself and feed your body, mind and soul. Everyone needs rest. Do you remember your most memorable spa experience? What is it like and what made it so relaxing? Is it because you went offline and  just indulged on a night of treatments and relaxation? Whatever it is, you deserve it. And this year, you might need to take that much-needed rest again.

4. Attend a film festival.

Have you ever dreamed of meeting your idols in prestigious and glamorous A-list events like Cannes Festival in France, Sundance Independent Film Festival in Utah, or the Oscars in Los Angeles? Or, are you just a cinematic lover who loves to celebrate the people behind these successful movies?

If you've never tried attending one, 2020 marks the beginning of another decade of movie production, while film festivals celebrate the masterpieces of the past decade. You might want to start pondering about attending one this year. Who knows? You might just be rubbing elbows with your favourite celebrities in one of these occasions. 5. Dive in Great Barrier Reef.

The world's Great Barrier Reef - the world's largest coral reef system, attracts sports enthusiasts with its many activities and leaves a lasting impression. You can skim the ocean floor, sail atop the surface, or soar through the air in a helicopter.

But it's the dive and snorkel in the warm and sunny Australia that truly makes the difference. Plus, you can also wander across the white sand beaches, trek through the mesmerising jungles, and enjoy a vibrant nightlife and social scene in Queensland's cities.

6. Experience Coachella.

The festival that knows no age - as long as you have a soft spot for music, truly welcomes everyone with a good time. This annual music and arts convergence features every music genre - the likes of Drake, Madonna, Calvin Harris, and AC/DC.

Aside from the entire music experience, you can also relax and enjoy the spa services. But if you want to take your Coachella experience to a higher level like how performers do, you can. take a helicopter to the event or buy yourself a seat at the "Fancy Fare", or savour a four-course family-style dinner prepared by world-renowned chefs.7. Escape in a romantic Parisian getaway.

Where else can you better experience love than in the City of Love itself? If you're happily in love, you might want to consider unlocking the magic of Paris - the so-called "perfect destination" for all lovebirds, families, or those looking for it.

It offers classy dining experiences, romantic spots, historical and cultural destinations, and many others.8. Try helicopter skiing for the first time.

Is thrill what you're looking for?

Look no farther than Switzerland. Its heli-ski experience is one-of-a-kind, immersing you to the breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps before dropping you onto fresh powdered snow and ski like never before.9. Celebrate your birthday in a luxury yacht or rent a private boat.

Have you tried renting out a luxury yacht or a private boat? This year might be the year!

In terms of luxury yachts, the ones in the French Riviera offers the promise of luxury. Their yachts were used to film music videos and movies, as well as vacation transportation for the royals, the famous, and the wealthy.

What about renting a Riva Super Florida boat in Lake Como? This boat exemplifies the excellence of Italian craftsmanship, as enjoyed by royals and celebrities. It's the best way to tour around Lake Como - filled with different activities for any groups and individuals.10. Attend the Brazilian Carnival.

The world's biggest and most famous carnival, the Rio Carnival, invites guests from all over the world to experience the world's most spectacular show live.

Inclusive for all ages, everyone can jive into the carnival spirit. For kids, there's a children's parade and family blocos. And for the elites, the Magic Ball gathers celebrities from the world of fashion, art, and music. 11. Immerse yourself in the Safari.

Whether you're in for some fascinating wildlife encounter in Costa Rica or witness exotic wildlife in Cape Town Safari, getting close to nature will really liven up that inner child in you - wandering for some escape and willingly trudging the unknown. As you trek through the safari, you can have a close encounter with giraffes, hippos, lions, elephants, antelopes, and many other animals. As for the jungle, the Costa Rican jungle is showered with impressive falls, where you can take a dip or have a picnic.12. Hop on a Hot Air Balloon ride.

Have you ever ridden a hot air balloon before? Do you know that it is one of the best ways to discover and explore the area in your luxurious vacation?

If the weather is perfect, and the company is right, a hot air balloon experience can be a great way to enjoy the amazing scenery of a place. And you know what's so special? You can enjoy a picnic basket full of gourmet food and a bottle of wine aboard the balloon, plus we'll definitely provide some merino wool shawls, soft throws, and cushions. 13. Be an equestrian for a day.

A tour into the countryside is sometimes what we all need to break free from the stresses of our daily city life.

Experiencing becoming an equestrian for a day in an ancient woodland and a glittering lake provides a beautiful countryside experience on horseback. You can also watch beautiful sunsets up on the hills and seek comfort in an exclusive accommodation after a day full of adrenaline rush. 14. Taste wines in Napa.

Ever heard of Napa Valley?

It's home to some of the world's most exclusive, luxurious experiences - splendid meals and one-of-a-kind wine tastings to name a few. Here, you will have access to some of the most exclusive wineries, restaurants, and experiences, escorted by the finest wine connoisseurs. 15. Go cave diving in Tulum.

Cave diving must be something new to your ears, but this is definitely a must-do for travellers visiting Tulum. Tulum offers this unique activity for travellers to experience the most breathtaking and exhilarating moments of their lives. Tulum's cenotes are mapped by reel lines to help guide less experienced divers.

Aside from cave diving, you can also visit the world's largest natural aquarium, Xel Ra, discover the Tulum Ruins, or just relax at the beach.

Check out blog to have a head start on Tulum cave diving: Now that you’re convinced why you should travel in 2020, why not make it a notch higher and ensure that it won’t be gone and forgotten down memory lane?

Our answer to that? Luxury. Everyone loves to travel, but being able to travel in luxury is something else. And at LVH, we uphold the highest standard of excellence in capturing the luxury vacation experience of a lifetime. We create a uniquely magnificent stay tailored-fit for your needs and exceeding your expectations.

A luxurious vacation experience that is definitely one for the books awaits you! Visit our website to learn more: http://lvhglobal.com/

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